Mac Management is proud to be working with local clinic, Griffiths Performance Physiotherapy.

Business owner David Griffiths is an entrepreneur and has a doctorate degree in physiotherapy. Not only has he been voted Niagara’s best physiotherapist for 2 consecutive years in a row, but has established a reputable award winning clinic.

       In his 10+ years in the sports medicine industry, David had seen and treated all types of athletes with all different ranges of injuries. Early on in his career he realised that a lot of athletes he had treated had come back injured again, and sparked an idea in David’s head that there needed to be a difference in the way patients were treated and wanted to evolve the business. 

        At Griffiths, they believe that physiotherapy goes beyond fixing the issue and relieving pain. Once the issue is resolved you need to teach the athlete how to move their body in ways that aren’t going to injure them again while still maintaining the performance they were used to.Their treatments go beyond just solving a problem. At Griffiths Performance Physiotherapy they teach you how to move in ways that don’t damage your body.

       Go to Griffiths Performance Physiotherapy and experience the difference!